Conscious Media for Conscious Unfolding
Everyone and Everything Matters.

All beings, on all levels, are interrelated, interconnected and interdependent.


Communication of all forms and at all levels has influenced human history and culture with immediate and long-term implications as it continues doing so in more subtle and refined manners.


Communication at its best will educate, entertain, beautify and elevate understanding while illuminating the path towards greater personal and interpersonal relationships.


RB Studios specializes in creating, reviving, and refining Strategic Brand Development and Communication Solutions.


We help our clients to increase awareness and credibility of their products or services, grow customer loyalty, and secure an outstanding return on investment (ROI) while making the world healthier, smarter, and more beautiful.


Whether you are a new start-up, a small business or a maturing enterprise; our proprietary strategic process and method will filter through the haystack to find, develop, position, refine and amplify the needles of your distinction and success.


We think beyond a set of deliverables. Our socially conscious ideas and methods are not constrained by industry definitions and bias. We look beneath the surface for the intangible truth, reading between the gaps, and balance current realities with the discovery of improved or new possibilities.


We seek to establish a long-term relationship with you. After all, our success influences the world!



Roozbeh Bahramali - RB

Roozbeh B. is a leading expert in communication design and brand strategy. He was educated in Europe and has worked in North America, Europe and the Middle East. During the last two decades, Roozbeh has worked on a range of projects that cover all aspects of creating award-winning communication solutions for a variety of companies, corporations, fashion houses and international multimedia firms.


This experience led him to establish RB Studios - a full service multidisciplinary creative and design consultancy that believes in contributing to organizations that work for the greater good and partner with a select group of clients who have the courage to redefine the categories in which they represent. New ideas and new rules are embraced to elevate the consciousness of the world one person at a time - This is POSITIVE CHANGE!


He is the creative director, author, artist and designer as well as the producer for the book "RAYS OF UNIVERSAL WISDOM" and also a photographer, teacher, consultant, life coach, spiritual adviser and inspirational speaker. As a conscientious citizen of the universe, Roozbeh and his work reflect the myriad influences, cultures, and experiences of his life journey.