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  • Big Picture Thinker + Detail-Oriented 100%
  • Holistic Branding: Strategy / Creation / Evolution 100%
  • Creative Direction / Art Direction 100%
  • Multidisciplinary Designer / Artist 100%
  • Holistic and Value-Centered Solutions 100%
  • Excellent Presentation Skills 100%
  • Strong Project Management, Organizational and Planning Skills 100%
  • Strong Communication and Interpersonal Skills 100%

• Holistic Brand Assessment / Strategy / Evolution
• Creative Concept
• Creative / Art / Design Direction
• Message Framing
• Marketing Identification
• Trend Forecasting
• Industry / Competition / Market Analysis
• Creative Direction / Art Direction / Design Direction
• Cross-Marketing Opportunity Analysis
• Harnessing the Power of Universal Values
• Brand Management / Training
• Foreign Market Entry Strategy and Global Business Development.

Holistic Branding > RESEARCH / STRATEGY

• Current Brand Audit
• Industry / Competition / Market Analysis
• Determining Value Proposition
• Determining Vision, Mission
• Brand Promise, Personality, Positioning
• Identifying B2B and B2C Touchpoints
• Determining Key Strategies
• Marketing Identification
• Cross-Marketing Opportunity Analysis
• Brand Architecture > Online / Offline
• Creative Brief / Design Direction

Holistic Branding > CREATION / EVOLUTION

Original, Comprehensive, Tailored, Strategic, “Multi-Sensory Brand Development and Communication Solutions” that cover all aspects of BRAND EXPRESSION; from start to finish.

• Naming
• Slogan
• Corporate Identity / Logo / Icon Design
• Visual System Design / Brand Tone and Voice
• Stationary System Developmnet

• Stylistic Approach / Mood Board Design and Development / Multi-Sensory
• Conscious Multi-Sensory Design / Content Development / Messaging and Positioning

• Creative / Art / Design Direction

• Print Collateral
• Publication Design
• Packaging Design
• Product Design
• Hang Tags, Flashers, Hangers, Labels, Patches
• Posters, Postcards
, Invitations
• Advertising campaigns

• Photography
• Film / Audio / Video
• Infographics

• Web / Digital Design
• Interaction Design
• UI / UX Design

• Social Media / Event Development
• Presentation Design
• Style Guide Design and Development

• Master Sign Programs
• Stand Alone Displays
• Exhibit Design
• Branded Environments
• Wayfinding Programs

• Fashion Design
• Dress Code / Uniform Design

• Brand Training / Management
• Direct / INdirect Business Positioning / New Platforms / Media Development
• Foreign Market Entry Strategy and Global Business Development.

• EVOLUTION / Transformational Strategy For Growth.
A series of strategic actions designed to transform a “Brand’s Relevance”. Enabling it to advance, lead, inspire, activate audiences and create deeper levels of engagement, all while making a meaningful, lasting contribution.

Art: Licensing / Commission / Sale
Beautify, Inspire, and Add a Distinctive Look to Your Home, Office, Organization or Any Surroundings.


Roozbeh is a Multidisciplinary Creative, and an Expert in Creating, Refining, and Elevating “Holistic Brand and Marketing Development, Graphic Design, and Strategic, Multi-Sensory Communication Solutions”; from the initial concept to the final delivery.

Maximizing Business Value, Relevance and Profitability through Seamless Integration of the Strategy, Information, Technology, Creativity, Ethics, Aesthetics and Style Across All Media, Audiences and Geographies.

Roozbeh was educated in one of the top fashion and art schools and multimedia universities in Vienna/Austria and has worked in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

During the last three decades, Roozbeh has worked on a range of projects that cover all aspects of Creating Award-Winning, Multi-Sensory Communication Solutions for a variety of companies, corporations, organizations, fashion houses and international multimedia firms like Walt Disney Consumer Products, Walt Disney Records, Metal, Universal Studios, Mazda, Espn, Visa, to name a few.

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Holistic and Value-Centered Solutions


Innovation and Creativity


Ethics and Honesty


Excellence and Quality

Maximize Business Value, Relevance and Profitability,

through Gaining Brand Recognition and Market Leadership within a cluttered market place.